The BACK 2 THE TRENCHES mud run is a self-challenging, fun Obstacle Course Race

We have been part of the Obstacle Course Racing (or mud run) family since 2007, offering distances from 5k up to 24k

Our runs are perfect for your first OCR or for a fun run with your friends or team mates, whilst still challenging the seasoned OCR veteran

Trenches Obstacle Back 2 the Trenches-0896Back 2 the Trenches-0319Back 2 the Trenches-1053

Our course is made up of over 70 obstacles mixed in with wooded trail runs, mud and our infamous challenging Hills,


Your experience in our battlefield begins in THE TRENCHES. Your adrenaline pumping, with the fear of what you will face as you prepare to go OVER THE TOP, ready for THE BIG PUSH. At the sound of the whistle you will scramble out of the trench into NO MANS LAND under the wire and into battle with your fellow trench troopers.

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How far you push yourself is up to you... Run, Walk, Crawl but NEVER give up!

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Join us at our London HQ TRENCHES venue and be ready to get muddy!

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Can you get to the TRENCHES finishing line in Wales?

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