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Training Evening 25th May

Wednesday 24th May 2016

Training, Evening or

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Join us at our Back 2 The Trenches course, on Wednesday 25th May at 18:00 a evening of PT and fun for our training session held over two hours headed up by Mark, our very own PT.

Mark and his team are always busy building new obstacles for you to tackle at our next race. Here is your chance to get in a cheeky practice and improve your skills in a fun environment.

The session will be 2+ hours long and will feature a combination of fitness exercises and obstacle technique lessons. The session will then be followed by a time trial around a short course at our venue. It’s a great opportunity to test out your newly honed skills in a race environment.

If you struggle with monkey bars, or have trouble scaling 8ft walls, or you are simply unsure about specific obstacle techniques, or you just fancy an awesome fitness session – then come join us on Wednesday 25th May at 18:00pm.

This is your opportunity to prepare for our Back 2 The Trenches races, and our next race on the Sunday 12th June.

Facebook Review

Today was my first time running b2tt so I wasn't sure what to expect but I had so much fun & loved the course! My favourite part has to be the water slides I could have gone back & gone down them over & over! I think everyone will agree that the biggest challenge was the freezing cold lake swim at the end, and the only thing I can fault is the great big frog I encountered during my mud crawl under the barbed wire! Haha. Very encouraging and friendly marshals, the course was well marked our, great event village and overall amazing atmosphere. Will definitely be returning in the summer!

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