If you marshal you can get a free enter to the next race. We are very particular about our marshal’s, if you are presentable, encouraging, reliable and feel you can add value to our run, then please contact us via our contact page.

Yes via our website or call our team and on the day.


Yes we shall ensure there is a photographer to capture all those muddy moments.

You will not be able to transfer you registration once you have signed up.

Once you have signed up we will not issue a refund, you will need commitment.

We have a large area for the spectators to view the start and finish part of the run, refreshments will also be available while they are waiting and wondering what the runners are up to!

There will be a cold shower/wash down area, don’t forget a change of clothes!

Groups of 10 or more will receive a massive discount of £5 off per person, so get your group together – the more comaraderie the more enjoyable!

Yes and they are different for The Big Push, No Man’s Land and Over The Top are the same.

Yes, however we would encourage as much car sharing as possible, as we like to be eco friendly where we can.

Yes, and we shall put the times up on the site as soon after the race as possible.